Welcome to My VIRALDASHBOARD AI V4 REVIEW POST. I’m committed to giving you a transparent assessment of this product, guiding you towards a well-informed decision regarding its ability to enhance your online business activities.

Meet ViralDashboard Ai – your new go-to resource for effortless social media management! This innovative tool is changing the game in digital marketing by simplifying the challenges of content management and streamlining social media tasks. If you’re dealing with the hassle of multiple accounts or feeling overwhelmed by content creation, ViralDashboard Ai is here to rescue you.

With ViralDashboard Ai, effortlessly manage, curate, publish, and scrutinize content across 21 key social platforms. It’s more than just a utility; it’s a revolutionary shift, empowering you to master the social media landscape with unparalleled ease. Forget the headaches of scheduling content and analyzing metrics – ViralDashboard Ai is set to redefine your online identity through its efficient and straightforward approach!


In this review, we’re diving into the features, benefits, limitations, user instructions, frequently asked questions, pricing, extra perks, and more surrounding ViralDashboard AI. Let’s dive in!

ViralDashboard AI emerges as a groundbreaking AI-driven tool designed to streamline the creation of engaging and eye-catching social media content. Functioning like a virtual assistant, it not only crafts and writes compelling posts but also manages their design and scheduling across key social networks, all on autopilot.

Developed by Firas Alameh, this tool dramatically enhances traffic and sales for your online platforms, acting like a proficient content manager behind the scenes to facilitate smooth and impactful social media interactions.

As a cloud-based platform for social media automation and analytics, ViralDashboard AI is a comprehensive solution for overseeing your entire social media landscape from one unified dashboard. It effectively tackles the challenges marketers and businesses face in today’s fast-paced digital world, making the management of multiple social media accounts, content curation, and post scheduling more streamlined than ever.

Invaluable for those aiming to bolster their online footprint and refine their marketing tactics, it saves significant time in content creation and provides essential tools for the planning, scheduling, publishing, promotion, and analysis of social media activities.

ViralDashboard AI distinguishes itself as an all-encompassing platform, enabling users to generate and distribute content across WordPress blogs, E-commerce sites, video platforms, and various social media channels. By harnessing AI power and integrating with diverse marketplaces, it effectively enhances the authority of social media profiles and boosts traffic to websites or sales pages.

Available on any device, ViralDashboard AI offers flexible pricing options including Personal, Commercial, and Agency plans, catering to a broad spectrum of users with its adaptability and reach.

VendorFiras Alameh
ProductViralDashboard AI v4
Front-End Price$47
RecommendationHighly Recommend
Refund30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Effortlessly connect and control numerous social media accounts and channels, saving valuable time.
  • Streamline the creation, management, publishing, and scheduling of social media content with ease.
  • Discover and utilize only the best content with our unprecedented Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology.
  • Craft compelling content tailored for any audience in any niche.
  • Easily integrate with major business software and apps for a seamless experience.
  • Centralize the management of all your posts, brands, and sources in one convenient location.
  • Utilize flexible scheduling and publishing options to maximize the impact of your content.
  • Enhance engagement, conversions, and profits effortlessly.
  • User-friendly and fully automated, perfect for beginners.
  • Enjoy the benefits without any recurring fees or hidden costs.
  • Revolutionary and business-enhancing technology, brand new to the market.
  • Thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of every marketer.


  1. Brand Creation: Start by establishing your brand and linking your various social media channels and sources.
  2. Content Discovery and Creation: Uncover new content or craft your own using AI, a Content Calendar, or our ready-to-use templates.
  3. Content Publishing and Scheduling: Share your content either manually or by implementing automation triggers for streamlined posting.
  4. Boost Sales, Increase Traffic, and Analytics: Drive sales and traffic, and monitor your success with detailed analytics and comprehensive reporting.
  1. Access Extensive Content Resources: Explore a vast database of over 100,000 articles across 70 industries to drive significant traffic, engagement, and sales.
  2. Create Viral Content Quickly: Craft content that can go viral globally in less than a minute.
  3. Content Planning and Publishing: Develop content manually or with AI assistance, then publish and schedule it across your connected social channels.
  4. Rich Multimedia Library: Utilize a built-in collection of stunning videos, images, and multimedia assets.
  5. Marketing Automation: Leverage automation triggers for scheduling and posting content from your sources to social media channels, enhancing your marketing efforts without the need for paid ads.
  6. Transform Online Assets into Sales Tools: Convert your websites, blogs, and social media posts into compelling sales mechanisms.
  7. Drive Unlimited Free Traffic: Attract limitless free traffic to your sites, blogs, products, and services.
  8. Analytics and Reporting: Gain followers and traffic, analyze demographics, and build detailed reports directly from the dashboard.
  9. User-Friendly and Intuitive: Enjoy a platform that’s 100% beginner-friendly with no need for coding, design, or technical skills.
  10. Expand Your Online Presence: Grow your reach and establish a solid online business.
  11. Social Media Content Strategy: Strategically plan and publish content for social media accounts, enhancing brand awareness and engagement.
  12. Consistent Posting Schedule: Maintain a regular posting schedule to ensure consistency in your online presence.
  13. Unified Social Media Management: Manage multiple social media accounts effortlessly from a single dashboard.
  14. In-depth Data Analysis: Benefit from accurate data collection and analysis to inform your strategies.
  15. Elevate Your Brand: Build and elevate your brand to new heights.

Front End Options:

  1. Personal – $47
  • Manage up to 5 Brands (1 Brand = 6 Social Media Accounts)
    • Handle up to 30 Social Accounts
    • Includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Commercial – $67
  • Manage up to 10 Brands (1 Brand = 6 Social Media Accounts)
    • Handle up to 100 Social Accounts
    • Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business

OTO 1: Monthly Social Media Content Calendar


  • Automate your social media posting with a ready-to-use content calendar.
  • $27/month (Excludes creative assets)
  • $37/month (Includes creative assets)

OTO 2: Social Automation Triggers – $67

  • Automate social media tasks with a suite of apps, akin to Zapier.
  • Plan 1: 20 Automations – $47
  • Plan 2: 50 Automations – $67
  • Plan 3: Unlimited Automations – $37/month

OTO 3: Content Curation & Feed Reader

  • Curate content from over 5000 websites, organized into 100+ industries.
  • Tailor your dashboard to your brand’s industry.
  • One-Time Fee: $67

OTO 4: Social Media Analytics & Report Builder

  • Create, schedule, and analyze reports from all your social media accounts.
  • Price: $67

OTO 5: DFY AI Content Creation

  • Generate content using AI and access ready-made Canva templates.
  • PAY AS YOU GO: $67 (One-time, 5000 Credits)
  • Monthly Plan: $47 (10000 Credits)

OTO 6: Agency Partners

  • Launch your own social media management agency.
  • Agency Silver: $97
  • Agency Gold: $197
  • Agency Diamond: $297

Viral Dashboard AI Bundles:

  • Personal Bundle: $247
  • Commercial Bundle: $347

Bonus #1: TikTok Marketing Mastery (Value: $297)

Unlock the potential of TikTok, a platform with over 500 million eager users. This course empowers you to effectively market your business on TikTok, tapping into its vast audience.

Bonus #2: Pinterest Traffic Automator (Value: $397)

Automatically pin images from your WordPress site to Pinterest, streamlining your workflow. This tool handles the pinning for you, bringing in unlimited free traffic effortlessly.

Bonus #3: eLead Fusion Elite (Value: $199)

This powerful tool is a game-changer for attracting visitors, subscribers, and customers. It offers versatility in ads promotion, list building, and social networking.

Bonus #4: FB Email Collector (Value: $497)

Enhance your website with Facebook integration. This tool allows users to log in via Facebook, granting access to freebies or member areas while capturing their Facebook email addresses. Features include:

  • Easy Facebook login button integration.
  • One-click user login.
  • Automatic Facebook email capture and list building.
  • Compatibility with major email autoresponders like AWeber, Mailchimp, and GetResponse.

Bonus #5: Instagram Ads Success (Value: $177)


Master Instagram advertising with this extensive video course. Learn to select and utilize the most effective Instagram ad types for maximum engagement and results.

Bonus #6: LinkedIn Auto Post Machine – Multi Account & Whitelabel (Value: $299)

Streamline your LinkedIn marketing with this efficient tool, featuring:

  • Support for multiple LinkedIn accounts.
  • Post performance reports.
  • Automatic reposting capabilities.
  • Random post feature for varied content.
  • Multi-language support and user-friendly interface.
  • Multi-user capability.

Bonus #7: Viral Soci Sharer & Locker (Value: $197)

Boost your social media exposure and get viral traffic on demand. This tool offers a variety of sharing buttons, display options, follower buttons, and a social content locker. With over 44 share options, it enhances your social media interactions and traffic across multiple platforms.

Bonus #8: 300 Ready-Made Logo Designs (Value: $167)

Access a vast collection of 300+ logo templates perfect for various projects, companies, and brands. Ideal for those who aren’t graphic designers and seek cost-effective, professional-looking logos.

Q: Is installation required for ViralDashboard Evolution?

A: No, there’s no need for installation. ViralDashboard Evolution is a cloud-based platform, so everything operates online without any requirement to install software.

Q: How about support and updates for the software?

A: Continuous updates are seamlessly delivered to your ViralDashboard Evolution, without any need for manual downloads. Plus, our dedicated support team works relentlessly to assist you in your journey, ensuring you always have the help you need.

Q: Do I need prior experience or technical skills to use ViralDashboard Evolution?

A: Not at all. ViralDashboard Evolution is designed to turn even complete beginners into skilled marketers. It doesn’t require any formal training or specialized tech skills, thanks to our easy-to-follow tutorials that simplify your marketing efforts.



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